Tuesday, December 13th, 2016

Add Google Search to Your Site



If you want to know how to add Google Search to your site, just follow these simple instructions.

From the Home tab in your AdSense interface, navigate via the My Ads tab to Search in the menu on the left side.

Google Search

Fill in all the fields then click on the Save and get code button. If you need help filling in the fields, find my article How to Make a Custom Search Engine at EzineArticles.com.

Select the code you see and add it to your website. This can be done in a variety of ways depending on the platform of your website.

If you have a traditional site built with html, you will have to amend the html yourself or get your developer to do so, by pasting in the Google code wherever you want it. If you want it to appear on multiple pages, this is a pretty tiresome task, so you may just want to put it on your Home page. If you’ve used a file system to build your website and you have a Header or Footer file, the contents of which appear on every page then add the Google code to this and it will appear on every page.

If you use WordPress as your platform, then there here’s how to add a search bar to your website:

  • Use a widget: Under Appearance in the menu, select Widgets. Drag a Text widget to your sidebar and paste the Google code into it.
  • Use a Plugin: If you have a plugin installed which inserts AdSense then this will probably have a facility to add Google Search as well. Check out what you have or select Add New under Plugins and search for AdSense. Select a plugin and install it and follow its instructions for adding your code.
  • Use your Theme: Some themes allow for extensive modification so if yours is one of these, it may allow for the insertion of code.

So, that’s how to add Google Search to your site. It’s quite simple if you follow the steps I’ve listed above.


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